I started attending Grace Crossing around February 2017. I answered God’s call to get baptized by my legendary Youth Pastor Josh Kinsley in January 2018. When I first came to Grace Crossing I was asked by a classmate of mine to join them on a Wednesday night service. I will always remember that Wednesday because I truly could feel how much “family” really meant to the members of the Church. I have been so blessed to be able to go on trips, summer events, and Bible studies with my youth family before I graduated high school May 2018. When my Church senior class all graduate Josh, told us to “TAKE JESUS WITH YOU” and so we did! I have never felt so much love from a youth group than Grace Crossing!


After graduation, I am now part of the college class at Grace Crossing. Sara and Will Burwell prayerfully began our new college class. They have been marvelous teachers. I’m so thankful for that because this is a time in our lives where we are in between being a teen and being an adult. This time in our lives is crucial because we need God’s direction more than ever. We meet every Sunday and talk about what is happening in our little adult lives. We plan to have cook-outs, help Sandy Dalton with feeding the homeless, and much more. During Pastor Kevin’s services, he is always so related to young and older members. His sermons always draw you in  and are always extremely interesting. Always making you excited about learning about God’s word. I can’t wait to what’s in store for our church and to see what amazing plans God has for us.

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