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Front Door Greeter Team

In any individual’s church experience, there is always a starting point. Our Front Door greeter team works every Sunday to make sure that experience is a great one.


Our God is a welcoming God. He welcomes anyone and everyone who believes on Jesus into His family. While He lived on earth, Jesus always welcomed anyone into His presence or to wherever He was preaching at the time.


With Jesus as our example, we should never be shy about welcoming others. Whether it’s welcoming friends into our home, visitors into our church, or just saying hello to a stranger on the street, as Christians we should display the welcoming attitude of God. It’s this welcoming spirit that helps Grace Crossing accomplish our calling to be unique people with the one purpose of making disciples of Jesus.

To volunteer for the Front Door Greeter Team contact Al Weeks alweeks1960@gmail.com.

Wednesday Night Supper Team

Our Wednesday night supper team creates and prepares a great meal each week during our season of Equipping Groups for adults and children. This season runs from August – May with a short break through the Christmas Holidays. Each meal is lovingly prepared to be nutritious, with a variety through-out the year. This meal allows busy families to come straight to church from school or work each Wednesday. It gives a break to busy moms and dads and allows someone else to “do the cooking” one night a week! In this way, we hope our Wednesday night supper team helps individuals, be they preschoolers, children, teens or adults, have a great experience of fellowship and equipping on Wednesday nights. It is in this way that our supper team is fulfilling the calling to be unique people with one purpose!

To volunteer for the Wednesday Night Supper Team contact David Hume dhume@gracecrossing.life.

Baptismal Team

Our Baptismal team is responsible to prepare the baptismal for baptism, along with ensuring our baptismal robes are ready for use. This team also meets with baptism candidates pre-baptism to walk thru the process with them to ensure the experience is truly live changing and one that the candidate and their family will cherish forever. With our growing congregation, there is rarely a month that passes that we aren’t baptizing adults, teens and children. This team is vital to helping Grace Crossing fulfill our calling to be unique people with the one purpose of making disciples of Jesus. 

To Volunteer for the Baptismal Team dhume@gracecrossing.life.


tech Team

Our tech team is committed to being prepared each week with our audio/visual portion of each Worship Service. This team is not about being a button-pusher. It’s all about helping people experience Jesus by creating excellent, distraction-free environments. They set the stage, both literally and figuratively, for people to see and hear the most significant message of all time – the Gospel. This team also livestreams our 10:30 service each week to those unable to be in worship. Since our live stream service began last year, our on-line attendance each week has grown exponentially. It is a great way for family members who are out of town to be a part of the service, and for members of our church to stay connected while away on vacation or business. Communicating the Gospel both in the worship center and by live stream on the internet is how this team is helping Grace Crossing fulfill our calling to be unique people with the one purpose of making disciples of Jesus!

To Volunteer for the Tech Team cgoolsby@gracecrossing.life.