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Life Groups is where the life of the church happens. These groups are the places where you will experience connection, love, and fellowship with others. This is where you will live life together. In Life Groups at Grace Crossing, you will also experience teaching and accountability. We are going to make an effort to see that every member of Grace Crossing becomes involved in a Life Group. As our church continues to grow it is imperative that people feel connected. The fact is our staff cannot connect to every single person that walks through the doors, no matter how hard they try. They need the help of Deacons, Life Group Leaders, and the rest of our membership to connect with others. As our church gets bigger, we must get smaller.

Traditionally known as Sunday School, Life Groups meet at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.  These groups exist for Christian brothers and sisters to live their lives alongside each other, hence the name Life Groups.  We believe that it is very important to be involved in a Life Group.  To find the right one for you and your family please see the list below.  Still a little confused on which one may be right for you?  Visit us on Sunday morning and one of our amazing volunteers will get you plugged in to the right place.

Newly and Nearly Married Class | Room 204 | Led by Pam Cooper and Allen/Ashley Lucas
Made up of young adults in their 20's.


College Class | Room 205 | Led by Leatha Phillps

Made up of College Students

Couples Class | Wing T1 | Led by the DeLoachs
Couples in their 20's and 30's made up of newlyweds to couples who have been married ten years.

Adults | Wing T2 | Led by the Joe and Susan McCalman
A class made up of single adults and married couples who walk through books of the Bible.

Adults | Wing T4 | Led by Shane Huff
This group is made up of couples and single adults with preschool and grade school children as well as teenagers.

Adults | Wing T3 | Led by Richard Klamm
Members of this group are from all ages and life stages.  Couples, single adults, parents of young children, and grandparents all make up this group.

Seasoned Adults | Worship Center Corner | Led by the David Hume and William Perkins
Made up of couples, widows, widowers, and singles.

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