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6th-12th Grade


Luke Comfort leads our students on Sunday mornings in lessons before breaking up into small groups where they dive deeper into Luke's teaching and how to use it in their daily lives with their peers.

6th - 12th Grade Life Groups --- 9:30am Sunday mornings.

6th- 8th Grade Girls

Led by: Katie Watkins &
Amber Wertz
6th- 8th Grade Boys

Led by: Brian Easley and Eric Parker
9th & 10th Grade Girls

Led by: Jennifer Easley, Kayla Dearing, and Rebecca Presley
9th & 10th Grade Boys

Led by: Ryan Adams & Tyler Lee
11th & 12th Grade Girls

Led by: Leatha Phillips, Ashley Smith, and Melissa Klamm
11th & 12th Grade Boys

Led by: Bradley Wertz


Luke walks the students through the Bible and how their everyday life depends on God's word. Midweek is a time to fellowship with other students and dive deep into the word

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