Hello Parents!
I wanted to reach out to you with an update on our Student Ministry and to let you know when we are looking to get our students together.....

As you know, we have been trying to do Zoom meetings with our students on Sunday mornings. We’ve wanted to stay in touch with our kids, as well as debrief and talk to them about what Matt Winters and I are teaching on Wednesday nights. We completed 1st John a few weeks back and have started Hebrews. We teach online each Wednesday night, and then meet by Zoom on Sunday. 
This coming Wednesday night we’d like to invite our students to come to The Circle Live Stream in the Worship Center at Grace Crossing. I know this may be the first time your student has had an opportunity to see other students, and for some of us it’s pretty nerve wracking. And of course, we want them to follow your guidance and leadership on when and where to be around other students. This coming Wednesday night we will follow the same rules we do on Sunday mornings, and will have several adults present to help enforce the rules. Students will sign in at the door, stay in the Worship Center, and we will be strict with social distancing. 

In addition to meeting together for The Circle, this Wednesday night we will introduce our students to our Student Minister for this summer! We will do this on the live stream as well, so if your student cannot be with us in person they will still get to see and hear from our next Student Minister. 
At the conclusion of The Circle Live, we will allow the students to break into their Life Groups. We will then host a Zoom meeting so that students who aren’t present can participate in the group discussion. We would like for your student to bring any device that is available to them to be a part of this meeting. We will want to continue to keep students six feet apart during the Zoom. This Zoom meeting will take the place of the Sunday morning Zoom meeting that we have been hosting since March 23rd. So even if you aren’t ready yet for your student to be here in person, PLEASE encourage them to join us for The Circle Live at 7:00 PM at  


or on Instagram Live at our Grace Crossing student Instagram @gcstudentmin.

Pastor Kevin

If you have any questions, or for more information on The Circle, contact

Dr. Kevin Cooper 

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