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Life Groups are where the life of the church happens. These groups are the places where you will experience connection, love, and fellowship with other along with teaching and accountablility  



Adults (Married and Single)

This class is lead by Joe and Susan McCalman.

It is made up of adults in all stages of life from new parents to retired adults!

This group focuses on individual books of the Bible going chapter by chapter and verse by verse. 

In this class we love diving deeper into each verse and the conversations that stem from that. 

Come join us in T-1!


This class is led by Lanette Williams! It is a group of women who love to have fun together while digging into the word. We are a class of many words and many laughs! Come join us in T-3!

Women's Group

All Women All Ages (Married and Single)

Rising Young Adults 

Early- Mid 20's (Married and Single)

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Life Groups
Sunday Mornings (9:30-10:15)

90's Friends _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Young Adults

Mid- Late 20's (Married and Single)

This class is led by Brady Dearing and Nathan Green. 

It is made up of young adults in all stages from new to their career to raising little ones! We like to explore God's word together whether that's through a life application study or by studying a book of the Bible. This group experiences a lot of stages of life together, not to mention we love to have get togethers and eat good food!

Come join us in Room 206!

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This class is led by Max Lyall.

It is a class with adults who are married, single, or in college. We are walking through books of the Bible and learning to apply it to each stage of life we are living and that we will live in the future.

Come join us behind the curtain on the

right side of the Sanctuary!

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This class is led by Derrick Smith. We are a laid back class that likes to be casual, but with a purpose! We walk through guided lessons that turn into great conversations with life lessons, lots of laughs, and true connection.

Come join us in T-4!


30's & 40's (Married and Single)

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This group is led by Trey Deloach and Jason Klamm. We are a class that mostly focuses on studies involving Life Application. We enjoy diving deeper into our marriages in a world where life is just plain busy! Despite the busy-ness of it all we love to get together and fellowship!

Come join us in T-2!


30's & 40's (Married)

This class is led by Richard Klamm.

In this class our only text book is in the Bible! We appreciate good discussion and comments on the passage. We love to pray for others and serve them!

Come join us in the from left of the worship center!

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30's & 40's (Married)


This class is led by Shane Huff and Jud Watkins. We like to walk through books of the Bible with an expositional view. We strive to have biblical understanding and always learn more. 

Come join us in Right side of worship center.!

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Seasoned Adults

50's-70's Married and Single 


Senior Adults

60's & Up Married, Single, Widowed

This class is led by David Hume & William Perkins. We are a class that feels young at heart, but we have wisdom showing in our hair! We walk through individual books of the Bible together, and we learn each week that we are still learning more and more about the Bible as we go through it even in our later years!

Come Join us in M102!

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