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Student Camp 2024


WHERE: Orange Beach, AL
WHEN: June 10-14
SPEAKER: David Platt and Drew Worsham
BAND: Judd Harris Worship

Registration: *WE HAVE LIMITED SPACE* Registration will be open until all the spots get filled! Please do not wait around to sign up because once all the spots are taken we CANNOT add anyone else. Registration will be available on our website, app, and Instagram page. We will have a final camp meeting on May 12th! 

PRICE: The price for camp is $400. There will be a $200 deposit when you first sign up. This deposit is *nonrefundable*!! The price will include the Student Life sessions, lodging, transportation, and a t-shirt. It does not include food! If someone would like to go to camp but financially isn't able to go please email me!!! We want every student at camp that wants to be at camp!

Lodging: We will stay at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach! We are really excited to stay at the Caribe. There are a lot of activities for the students to do there as well as being a couple minutes from the beach! This is included in the price.

Food: Below will be how much money students need at camp AND before camp! This year at camp we will eat the majority of our meals at the Caribe Resort. Two nights during the week we will go eat out. The other two nights we will eat at the Caribe. All breakfast and lunch will be at the Caribe. Lunch traveling down and coming back will be on the students. 
-at camp- Students will need to bring enough money for four meals and snacks for the week. Two meals will be fast food. Two meals will be a sit-down dinner at Orange Beach. They will need enough snacks for the week! We will go to Walmart once we get there so that the students may get snacks for the week!
-before camp- On May 12th, there will be a final camp meeting. At the meeting, students will need to bring $40. This will go to cover their breakfast, lunch, and two dinners. Leaders will go to the store once we get there and get food for the week.

Luggage: Students may only bring 1 luggage suitcase/bag and 1 carry-on. Transporting 100,000 suitcases just isn't necessary. They have a washer and dryer in each condo if you get in a bind. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me at

Thank you!

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