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Crossing Connect

     February 5th| 11:30 AM | Fellowship Hall

What is our Crossing Connect Class about?

1.Help give those that are Grace Crossing a better idea of who we are, how we got here, and where we feel that God is leading our church.

2.Let you know how you can plug into the life of Grace Crossing.

3.Give an overview of our disciple making process at Grace Crossing.

4.Talk some about mission opportunities that Grace Crossing is already involved in, and how you can partner with those ministries.

5.Give you a chance to spend some time with our pastor, some of our Elder Team leadership, and our staff.

6.At the end of our class, you’ll have the opportunity to join Grace Crossing by transfer of membership, a statement of your faith in Christ, or by a first-time profession of your faith in Christ. And, of course if you still want to think and pray some more about joining Grace Crossing, there will be no pressure!

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We ask that you register for this event to assist us in planning!

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