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Access Ministries

Ensuring access for unique families touched by disabilties

Access Ministries at Grace Crossing

We have handicap parking Spaces available for you in our paved parking lot.

Enter our building through the covered walk way into our lobby where you will check your child in at our check in station.

We will make accommodations for each family based on their needs, but some things we have readily avaliable are:

-A leadership team with personal experiences raising children with disabilites
-Educated and Loving Volunteers
-Sensory Bags
-Noise Cancelling Headphones
-Prepared Lessons 
-First Aid Kits
-A network of doctors and nurses amongst our congregation should they be needed


Our Leadership Team

Stacy Huff- Ministry Leader

JoBeth Lee- Children's Director

Candice McGhee- Ministry Leader

If you have a child with disabilties, we would love for you to fill out the form below and return to our team,, and
This form allows us to accommodate your family per each individual needs and build a relationship with you!
If you would like an emailed copy of this form you can request it from any of the leaders above!

They will be in touch with you soon, and are so excited to serve your family!

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